BIRTHDAY Wednesday

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Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. LUV u all

BBQ Sunday

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Today Tim, Kenny, Spikeypinoyboy and I decided to have a bro-BBQ today at Tims place. Spikey brought bomb ass marinated spare ribs and a GREEN grill! We had to build the green grill because it was brand new, thanks spikey. Meanwhile me, Kenny and Tim went to Safeway and got chicken, hot dogs, and BACON. Then Leslee and Tina met us up at Tims and we went to eat dessert LA at our usual spot. Had a great day today, thanks alot guys!!


Kenny, Tim and Spikey building the grill

Grill built and having fun with it lol

preparing the grill and gettin things started

Beef, Chicken, Hotdog, BACON....TELL ME WATCHU WANT!!!

FINISHED!!! Time to eat! Top the food off with some Honey Moon and Grape Berry Punch lol

Everyone eattin and havin a BLAST!!

After dinner off to get some DESSERT LAAAA with Les and Tina, Tina looks so happy to hang out with us haha

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Hellaflush LA Weekend

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Sry for the lack of updates, been lazy and bz lol. but last weekend i drove up to LA with Nai, Kenny, and Leslee for Hellaflush 5. The event went great, 1000+ cars and people came out and supported us. Met new people and saw old faces, very fun!! Heres are some pics

click on the pics to make them bigger :)